Tyranny of the Dragon 5th ed.

To the Keep!

After the ambush the party tries to proceed with greater caution. The rogue goes a little bit ahead to scout and sees a group of raiders heading away from the party. The party decides to pursue and take out the group of raiders.

Approach to Greenest

The party consists of a Dwarf Paladin named X, a High Elf Rogue named Quarion, a Dragonborn Druid named Rhogar Treebiter, and a Tiefling Warlock named Exemon. They meet while traveling alongside a caravan en route from Candlekeep to Cormyr, and become quick friends because they are all outsiders amongst the human caravan and because they are each going to Greenest, which is along the caravan’s route.

As they near the town of Greenest they notice that many large plumes of smoke rise in the air and a large winged figure is circling the keep in the center of the town. The caravan stops a good distance away from the town, but the party decides to enter. As they approach the outskirts they see a family leave a house and head down the main road toward the keep. The family is quickly overtaken and surrounded by a group of kobolds. The party runs to assist them, but unfortunately the parents die in the fight.

After sending the children to join the caravan, the party heads back in toward the keep. They encounter an acolyte of a cult with 3 bodyguards who are part of the raid on the town and quickly dispatch them.


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